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My Escape to the Chateau

What if you suddenly inherited a chateau in France?

Would you take on the challenge?


Julia did - and during her renovations came across objects lost, hidden or buried by its former owners. Each had a story to tell: an émigré who fled to England during the Revolution, a doctor who never practised and a novelist whose book led to a mind-blowing revelation.

“My Escape to the Chateau” covers two and a half centuries of the lives of real people woven into the love story of a very 
unlikely couple.

How to Knit an Opera.jpg

How to knit an opera

Chloe's autobiographical account of how she and her husband set up Opera Loki which started as a mad idea for a house-warming party and grew into to a thriving opera company which performs in chateaux around France and numerous venues in the UK.

A hilarious read that takes you on a roller-coaster ride through the ups and downs, thrills and spills, hopes and achievements of a budding young opera singers


Love in a Secret War

Julia looks back over the life of her fiancé who died mysteriously in Laos in 1965. His life is seen through three sets of eyes. Was his death suicide or was it murder? 

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