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Chloë Rayban



Carnegie Medal shortlisted: LOVE in Cyberia 1996

Guardian Fiction Prize shortlisted:

Virtual Sexual Reality 1995 and

LOVE in Cyberia 1996


The CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medals are the UK’s oldest and best-loved children’s book awards, recognising outstanding reading experiences created in books for children and young people

The Guardian Fiction Prize was a literary award sponsored by The Guardian newspaper.
It recognized one fiction book per year by
British/Commonwealth writer and published in the United Kingdom.



Chloë Rayban is best known for her YA novels. Her particular blend of fantasy found in the midst of modern-day life may have something to do with her unusual world view – possibly caused by having a degree in Philosophy. Her wacky, humorous ‘Justine’ novels have been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal and twice for the Guardian Fiction Prize. One of them was made into a feature film by Columbia Tristar. Over the past twenty-five years, her books have been published by Random House, Harper Collins, Hodder Headline and Bloomsbury. She enjoys writing for all age groups, YA, Middle Grade and Early Readers. Under her real name – Carolyn Bear - OUP publishes her books for younger children, the most popular being the Scrapman series, which sells worldwide, most recently in China.

She says her books “grew up with her children” and she now also writes both fiction and non-fiction for adults. 

As a Freelance Editor for Jericho Writers, she enjoys helping other writers tackle the challenges in today’s changing book market.  She says: ‘I learn so much from helping other writers’.

Chloë is represented for YA and Children’s Books by literary agent David Higham.

Her books have been translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Greek and Icelandic.



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